Bank Nifty Momentum Strategy


The Strategy is based on supertrend which aims to capture the volatility of Bank Nifty. Its a purely intraday strategya and likely to perform better when market is expected to more volatile. Try and test before implementing the strategy in your trading account. Equidote provide flexibility to run the strategy in the trading account with 0 balance for a week before deploying the money into the account. This leads to better understanding and adopt the market flactuation and profit or loss arises out of that. The strategy is perform better on near to expiry days. Therefore, traders have the options of deploying the strategy on the days of their choice. Further, it is advisable to consider the brokerage and exchange charges before implementing the strategy.     Caution : Any profit/ loss arises out of strategy is belongs to the client. Equidote takes no responsibility and accountability¬† w.r.t. the profit/ loss thereof.